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Welcome to GestorVet


The solution you need for your veterinary centre

GestorVet is an online management platform for veterinary centres that aims to help your team work in a smooth and coordinated way, covering all areas of your business and helping you create value for your customers and collaborators.
This is a tool based on a multi-platform language that allows you to manage your entire clinic quickly, simply and safely anywhere you are. Discover all that GestorVet can do for your veterinary centre.

Features that make GestorVet your ally in management

There are many features and we list the main ones for many of our customers

History management

Our way of managing records is really unique. At a glance you can see the your patient’s history, know when and who saw them and what to follow up on. You can incorporate attachments, images, videos and prescriptions.

Consultation protocols

You can work on consultation protocols with your whole team, identifying which questions to ask, which ones are mandatory, how you want them answered, etc.

Smart schedules

With them you can manage the time of all users and resources of your centre. It establishes consultation and surgery rooms work times. In addition, the task module will help you optimise time management.

Prevention plans

Every day, preventive medicine becomes more relevant in your veterinary centre. GestorVet provides you with a specific solution to control the preventive plans you have established with your patients.

Documentary management

It creates informed consents within seconds, written authorizations and any personalised documents with patient data ready for use. Imagine the time you will save


With it you can predict and control all the necessary actions for your hospitalised patients, issue discharge and hospitalisation reports, in addition to controlling their invoicing automatically

Invoicing and budgets

GestorVet contemplates the dual nature of products and services of veterinary medicine, being able to automatically transform products into treatments to facilitate invoicing

Payment management

You will be able to manage cash and cards automatically, and you will even have the possibility of issuing and verifying direct debits, registering transfers, deliveries on account, etc.

Automated reminders

You just write down a client’s appointment on your schedule or invoice the items you decide, GestorVet will send a notice by SMS or email automatically. It cannot get any easier

Communication campaigns

With GestorVet you will be able to send the information you deem appropriate by SMS, email or letter to customer segments based on their invoicing, preferences, frequency of visit, etc.

Inventory control

The inventory system GestorVet has is totally geared toward a veterinary reality. It will even allow you to control product stock such as clinical or injectable containers


Purchase management is so flexible that it can be useful to you even if you don’t have stock management. Forget about not being able to offer a product or service due to the wrong stock prevision

Logistic linkage

If you have a linked supplier in your area, when you make a purchase, all products will automatically be included with their lot number and expiry date and the costs and prices will be updated. They will even get created by themselves

Expense and payment records

You will be able to incorporate any expenses from your veterinary centre and establish the estimated payment date in order to fully manage your assets. It has never been so simple

Performance reports

Profitability, invoicing, visits and tickets ratio, collections and debts, taxation, and many more. GestorVet gives you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your veterinary centre


With the backup system, administrative users can request a backup of all their data and receive them on any device of their choice

Multi-centre management

With GestorVet your centers will share the list of customers, pets and records, invoices and debts. We offer you the simplest way to manage several centers at the same time as if it were only one

Grow up

GestorVet puts a team of Marketing and Communication professionals at your disposal to help you identify the potential of sales growth and make the most of it. We’re here to help you

Shared History

Shared history records can be sent and received from other GestorVet centres to help your customers’ information travel in a more neat and fast manner

Consultants Platform

With GestorVet there is a team of specialists at your disposal to help you in all areas in the most complicated cases quickly and smoothly

GestorVet grows with you

We are in constant evolution, thanks to the ideas and suggestions of our clients. We know that your business changes day to day. With GestorVet, you won’t be alone managing your veterinary centre

Our Solutions

Choose the GestorVet that suits you best


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We import your data from Customers|Pets|Histories|Reminderes from another programme
or we can provide a customised import*

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GestorVet Extensions

Expand GestorVet’s features with more functions. Because not all veterinary centres are the same

Pack Products

With this extension you can create combined products such as surgeries, hospitalisations and treatments consisting of several drugs, etc. controlling your stocks and profitability very simply and precisely


For those who need a plus in the exploitation of their databases. You will be able to assess your evolution, the economic and demographic characteristics of your patients graphically and also take immediate action very intuitively


With this extension you can control the access by locations and functions for each member of your team. Ideal for companies with a rigorous definition of responsibilities


Do you need to control priority turns in the waiting room? This is your extension. It issues numbers and prioritises cases. You can even have an automatic screen to generate turns for your customers


Ideal for veterinary centres that receive numerous cases from other centres. You will be able to identify which clients are sent to manage the communications and control the performance provided by each sender

Health care plans

Beyond a preventive plan, health care plans allows you to establish discounts and specific actions, for as long as the pet is part of the health care plan. Simple, agile and powerful. This is what we do at GestorVet


The perfect addition to your laboratory equipment. With GestorSync you can automate the incorporation of files to GestorVet records, optimising time management when organizing and classifying

Invoicing extensions

Invoicing series, withholdings, customisations and links with intermediate companies. Everything is possible from GestorVet. Each case is different, but they all fit at GestorVet

GestorVet API

Because GestorVet is not only a management software. As a platform, you can access to the GestorVet API to develop your own applications and access the GestorVet data through our API

Success stories

Veterinary clinics that trust GestorVet
Customer Testimonails

…After my experience with gestorvet, I must say that me and my company are delighted with the programme as it is very affordable, intuitive and user friendly, but what we liked the most is their after-sales service. They offer fast and efficient solutions (patiently) and with a big smile.

Johan Urpes Vet 2017
Customer Testimonails

…Here are four sentences that in my opinion describe GestorVet:
- A very intuitive and user-friendly management programme, visually simple but with plenty of options to make our daily work at the clinic be easier, smoother and more comfortable.
- All forms that clients can see are very neat aesthetically speaking.
- It provides plenty of possibilities to customise templates, consultation forms and documents for owners, which allows every centre to give a personal touch to the programme, adapting it to their needs.
- Their after-sales service team is very friendly, fast and efficient when solving problems.

Patricia Veterinaris Alaró
Customer Testimonails

…We started working with gestorvet 5 years ago. We used another vet programme before and this change has meant a huge improvement in every possible way. For me personally, one of the things I value the most, is being able to access the programme anywhere where there’s an internet connection and work without having to be at the clinic.

Equipo de C.V. La Rambla C.V. La Rambla
Customer Testimonails

Our experience has been good from the get go. After trying several programmes, we have managed to find and efficient way to communicate with the vets that send us customers, thanks to GestorVet. This is, without a doubt, an innovative programme, very well adapted to the new times. It has very useful tools and they listen to their customers so can both improve in the process

Fernando Valera Sánchez Hospital Veterinario Lepanto
Customer Testimonails

… this is the best management programme nowadays for the pet sector. The programme is easy to use and very intuitive, it offers everything you can imagine, and even more. There is a good team of professionals to back it up, doing everything they can to make management easier for us, and are always open to possible changes suggested by us, according to our specific needs. […] At an administrative level, very good too, they provide all the necessary information to exhaustively control what happens at the Vet Clinic, as well as all the other clinics. To sum up, this is an essential tool to make the work of our 28 vets smooth and comfortable, and enable us to control how everything is going at all our centres at all times

Tomás Vázquez. Clínica veterinaria Tartanga
Customer Testimonails

..After-sales service. Impressively fast. This is what makes GestorVet stand out for me without a doubt. The chance to be able to interact with programmers makes this management tool a product in constant evolution, able to adapt to any work centre. In addition, it allows us to manage different work centres for the same company in real time with only one unified database. Last but not least, GestorVet offers quick and efficient communication with clients.

Alberto Gil. VetClinic

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